Starcraft 2 Guide for a safe TvZ Build!

A Marine in front of a destroyed world with the Title "Forsaken's Favorites #4 Dreams Safe TvZ Build.

Dreams safe TvZ Build Order

After my Safe TvT Build from INnoVation I got a request for a safe TvZ Opening so here you go! Also I got a lot of feedback on the last video for showcases of how to hold various allins or builds so I covered a Roach Baneling Allin, Roach Pressure and 2 Base Muta as well as a standard build from life in the KESPA Cup 1. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think and if you have a request for another Guide or are struggling with something, let me know! Maybe I will do another video just for you! :) take care guys and enjoy the video!

You can download the Replays here.

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