Update after a long silence!

Silence has ended!

Silence has ended!

Hey guys!

Long time no read on this blog. Let me explain why!

It’s not that there is nothing on my mind, that I could write about, but it’s more that I do not really find the time to do it regularly. It’s the same problem with my YouTube and streaming. You will see me playing Starcraft every day for a few months and then completely stop like I did 2 months ago for an example. That’s just how it works for me: I have long periods in my life, where I am unable to play Starcraft 2 as I just do not have time or the concentration to play such a demanding game for hours after already studying for hours or after being away for some weeks.

Once, I find time to play again I normally get right into it by doing streams. I want to practice, catch up to the meta and generally just get to my peak form again which, as you might now, only happens by practicing for hours for days. This normally does not leave me with much time for YouTube or writing articles.

Will that change? Well I can’t promise.

But I really enjoy the community, the friendly comments and all of the stuff that results from being involved in a community such as Starcraft for example. Also, I of course still play games, even if I do not play Starcraft! So why not bring you that content instead of completely disappearing for months?

That is why I started uploading forsaken plays episodes for 2 weeks now and after hours (literally 10s of hours!) I started my X-COM 2 Series on YouTube, which is just a lot of fun!

My goal is now that I will be regularly pushing out content and for the moment is going very well! I do have videos recorded for 1-2 weeks in advance, and as long as I do not publish more than 1 a week I think that it should be doable to continue to produce this content over the next few months. That is my goal for now, doing 1-2 videos per week.


Yeah I know that most of you guys come here and to my YouTube channel for Starcraft content and to be honest, I miss that game. But it just does not make sense to play it on and of for me. I am such an ambitious player, that I would just get frustrated by making no progress in months, if I would continue playing 1-2 hours every 2-3 days. It just does not make sense to do that in Starcraft. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: I really hope to finish up most of university stuff in a months so I will only be working on my last big thing from university in a month from now.

I plan to get back into Starcraft then, cause it seems like it would be doable time-wise. Of course if I play Starcraft then it should be no problem to produce content for it so it will 110% return to YouTube. Just not for the moment and trust me: I am as sad as you about that, but it is for the best.

So what’s the point of this blog? It’s just a simple: “Hey! I am still here, and I will try to produce some content on the side whenever I can, so if you want, try it out :)!”.

If you have any questions feel free to comment here or on any of my social media channels. Cheers and take care!

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